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More signs of Bing’s tiny index

Because I have OCD, one more round of stats.

It鈥檚 not just us: Bing seems to have a reduced index for everyone. Here are a handful of sites that I fed in at random for site: searches. The only site where it beats Mojeek in indexed pages is, you guessed it, Microsoft鈥檚. I guess since Google favours Google鈥檚 own results, Bing does a better job indexing Microsoft鈥檚鈥攁nd I doubt it鈥檚 because their own people conform to Bing鈥檚 applied-when-they-choose rules.
Die Zeit
Google: 2,600,000
Mojeek: 4,796 (0路18 per cent of Google鈥檚 total)
Bing: 3,770 (0路15 per cent of Google鈥檚 total)
Annabelle (Switzerland)
Google: 11,700
Mojeek: 405 (3路46%)
Bing: 105 (0路90%)
Holly Jahangiri
Google: 738
Mojeek: 222 (30路08%)
Bing: 49 (6路64%)
The Gloss (Ireland)
Google: 19,200
Mojeek: 1,968 (10路25%)
Bing: 71 (0路37%)
The New York Times
Google: 36,200,000
Mojeek: 2,823,329 (7路80%)
Bing: 1,190,000 (3路29%)
Google: 6,050
Mojeek: 3,572 (59路04%)
Bing: 50 (0路83%)
The Rake
Google: 11,500
Mojeek: 1,443 (12路55%)
Bing: 49 (0路43%)
Travel & Leisure
Google: 28,100
Mojeek: 9,750 (34路70%)
Bing: 220 (0路78%)
Google: 122,000,000
Bing: 14,200,000 (11路64%)
Mojeek: 1,748,199 (1路43%)
Detective Marketing
Google: 998
Mojeek: 579 (58路02%)
Bing: 51 (5路11%)

In the earlier Microsoft thread I linked, the original poster found that after they joined Bing Webmaster Tools and imported their Google data, that鈥檚 when their site vanished from Bing. So, again, we鈥檙e not alone.

I’d seriously be rethinking my business model if I was running a search engine that was reliant on Bing.

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