It’s harder for humans to add stuff to Facebook than it is for bots

This is why you should let an automated service post to Facebook and not do it yourself. I am reminded of this each time I try.

I go into Autocade’s Facebook page and now have the extra step of having to “become” Autocade in order to post. (This came in a few years back.)

Secondly, I write the post and enter the URL (in this case from Lucire). Facebook picks up the header image (the “card” in OnlyKlans parlance) from the page that it’s supposed to. So far so good.

I click ‘Post’. The image vanishes and is replaced by the Lucire logo. It’s not supposed to, since a header image is defined. Oh well.

I go back to the post to edit it. I add the photo manually. I save my changes.

Waiting And when you do edit by adding a photo, does it take ages!

And now, all I have is a post, with the right photo, but no URL. (This is a new one, as in the past the URL would be retained.)

I edit the post again to enter the URL. All is now fine.

This process used to take far fewer steps: I could enter it as me but as a page owner, it would post as Autocade. And the URL never disappeared on you.

All this to make sure you spend more time on the platform. Make things as frustratingly difficult as possible with more unnecessary steps.

In the places where we have IFTTT or some other service doing the posting, the right image is almost always picked up and the link works.

On Lucire’s page, we no longer have any text above the image and link (since we changed from RSS to OnlyKlans to IFTTT to Facebook, to RSS to IFTTT to Facebook), but at least things work.

No wonder there are so many bots on that platform. It’s actually easier for automated processes to do what you want.

I never imagined we’d still be doing stuff on Facebook pages and not on OnlyKlans. I always expected Facebook to collapse first because it was buggier. What a strange year.

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