A tribute to Richard Roundtree

With the passing of Richard Roundtree, I feel it only appropriate to repost photos of my childhood Shaft’s Big Score pencil case. My original post where these were featured is here, and today’s Mastodon post here.


I know Richard was also in Roots (remembered it, but way too young to have understood it deeply as a child) and he survived breast cancer (one of the few men to have got it, and then beat it)—he was certainly no one-hit wonder. He had so many roles over his career on the big and small screens—you just saw him pop up. But of course many of us will remember him as John Shaft—and as a kid in Hong Kong, he was way more the action hero I knew of than Bruce Lee. (I’m guessing there’s superstition involved here: you don’t want your kid to have a pencil case with an image of a recently deceased guy, not that anyone was selling one in HK at that time.)

Who could forget this?

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