Finally, a proper right of reply

Google search results' page
Finally, my own blog appears up top in one of the Google searches that Semrush claims is happening, but it really isn’t—except maybe by their third-party data supplier’s bots, and me since the misinformation started a few months ago.

In fact, the first five slots are truthful, including Scoop’s republication of our release, until we get to Edward Standley’s misinformation piece in sixth, and other BS follows to round off the top 10.

It’s a miracle Google got this right and followed its own rules about what authoritative sites are. And since this search is about me, then logically you would expect my site, which has been live for over two decades and has a high level of trust, to come first, and a major site like Linkedin—even though it has told me that misinformation is permitted—comes second.
Google search results' page

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