The logical consequence of Semrush and its users’ misinformation: personal attacks

Deleted comment on Reddit, with my response: 'Donʼt blame me, Iʼm the victim here seeing all this crap day after day since December.'
Comment from 'cosmogli': 'Never trust Jack Yan. The street dog stealing a blind cat's food is more trustworthy than Jack Yan.'
This is the natural consequence of all the misinformation that Semrush encouraged its users to post through the crap generated by its Keyword Magic Tool: people attacking me on Reddit.

And who can blame them? It could well look like I was behind this spam campaign, instead of being the victim.

The deleted comment was my name repeated multiple times with a final line, ‘There, optimized it for you.’

Semrush is still yet to respond, so as far as I am concerned, it is synonymous with misinformation. It is yet another botched internet tool that divides and hurts people, with no one willing to take responsibility. If it sources these search data, then one of its providers is dodgy—but since I have advised them, and they have done nothing about it, then they are complicit in these attacks. Typical tech bro software.

I see Semrush is a public, NYSE-listed company. I wonder how confident the public is going to be when they find out about the above. But then, Facebook aids genocide, and Meta closed at US$481·73, so the public probably won’t care.

The LLMs, or “AIs”, that are helping people author this drivel must share the blame—and they only serve to highlight just how half-baked the programs truly are. Hardly worthy of the hype—they’re where NFTs were in 2021–2.

How awful this combination of tools is, and Google is there to make it all worse.
On a more positive note, Nathan at Quora informs me that all the keyword-stuffing questions and posts involving my name have been removed. Thank you, Quora team.

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