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Hong Kong disappears from Cities I’ve Visited app?

I have a feeling something is wrong with Cities I’ve Visited on Facebook. (Actually, something’s been wrong for a long time, either with the application, Facebook, or something between the two.) Not only has it not published new cities I’ve entered on this most recent trip, I now notice that while the important metropolis of Porirua, New Zealand has been included in the system, Hong Kong has disappeared from its database.
   I was wondering why my country count had dropped by one, and to my surprise, my place of birth is no longer considered major enough for inclusion by TripAdvisor’s travel app.

PS.: TripAdvisor says it has known of this error since late January, and has no idea how Hong Kong and Macau disappeared. The cities will be reinstated after it discovers how they were removed from the service, as it has done nothing to effect that removal.—JY

P.PS.: As of February 6, Hong Kong is back on the map.—JY

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