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When Facebook robs you of having a profile pic

I will have more from my Swedish and French tour soon, but I will say that I had a marvellous time in Malmö and Lund on my first day in Sweden (especially getting a feel for Lund’s environmental programmes), Kristianstad and Hassleholm on my second, and on my return to Stockholm. A big-up to Stefan Engeseth and all the marketing and theatre groups who made me feel like a visiting dignitary. Paris, from where I write, has been wonderful to me once again, and it was wonderful joining my colleagues at the Medinge Group for Brands with a Conscience 2010.
   I also owe Facebook visitors an explanation on why I do not have a profile picture. The simple answer is that Facebook does not work, and I guess no one at Facebook has tested the software. Again.
   I select a photo from my album, right? The link I use is the one below:

Then, presumably, I choose the photograph I want:

I then ask Facebook to make this my profile picture with the link down the bottom right:

To which Facebook confirms my choice:

Only thing is, this doesn’t work. Here’s Facebook’s response to that confirmation:

Not particularly useful. Sure enough, it removed my prior photograph and this is what I see:

   We have become so used to using Facebook as our badges or masks, showing the world who we are. The inability to do something that everyone else can makes one feel very incomplete. In some cases, we feel Facebook is an extension of our personal brands.

Speaking of disability, Pete tells me that if one uses Opera, one cannot post or comment on Vox. Why am I not surprised?

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8 Responses to ‘When Facebook robs you of having a profile pic’

  1. jaklumen says:

    Hey Jack–

    Any thoughts on the current Toyota recalls? Sorry for a change of subject.

  2. jaklumen says:

    Back on topic:
    “Speaking of disability, Pete tells me that if one uses Opera, one cannot post or comment on Vox.”

    It seems to me more and more that Six Apart designed VOX for Internet Explorer, and so it breaks on just about every other browser. IE consistently gives web designers headaches from what I’ve read and from what others have told me.

  3. Jack Yan says:

    Jak, I have some thoughts but am too tired to put them down here. Mainly I think the Toyota recall is a non-story designed to cover up something else.
       It seems more and more that Six Apart does not care.

  4. Jm says:

    I’m also having the exact same problem. This is really bothersome. Are there any cure to this? or is it just facebook being busy all the time? Please respond~ Thank You.

  5. Jack Yan says:

    JM, I had to keep selecting my old pic, then selecting a new one, repeatedly, before the change would “stick”. I now believe it is Facebook being busy all the time—or that the developers really do not test things properly.

  6. Michelle Eckley says:

    Okay My Facebook Profile Pic Will Not Change To An Updated Picture. I Can Only Change It To A Past Profile Pic. WTF?? Please Help Me!! This Sucks >:/

  7. Usman Shahid says:

    Your post is old but have you been able to resolve the issue?
    I am facing this problem on my business page
    here is the link

    help me out if you can

  8. Jack Yan says:

    Usman, I kept trying and trying (see comment 5).

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