“Liking” something on Facebook takes an awfully long time

There are things I “like” on Facebook, but as they can be run by organizations, I don’t see the need to reveal all my private information to them.
   Once upon a time, it was quite easy to stick these “likes” into my limited profile friends’ category on friends. But a few months ago, Facebook removed them all from my friends’ listing. Not that they ever told us, but they are still there.
   With some reason, Facebook makes me paranoid. It’s made changes to my privacy settings a lot of times without my permission, and made false accusations about copyright infringement, including lying about the reasons for the latter. From what we know from inside the company, the culture’s not exactly on the side of everyday people like you and me.

Facebook makes false accusations

   Just because these fan pages and supported organizations are not among my friends’ list, it does not mean that some day, Facebook won’t allow them access to our profiles. I prefer to be cautious and stick them all into my limited profile category—or an even stricter one.
   So to all those people who have sent me fan pages to “like”, here’s why it takes me a long time (sometimes years) to add them.
   1. I go into the page suggestions and confirm the page that I like.
   2. I go to Account, then Edit Friends, at the top of the page.
   3. I select Limited Profile on the side, and wait for the friends’ list to generate.
   4. I enter the name of the page I just “liked” into the box that appears above the list.
   5. I repeat (2) to (4) because nothing happens.
   6. On the second time, Facebook will add the page into the limited profile category of my friends’ list.
   It’s an incredibly convoluted process, and step (5) is particularly frustrating, but when it comes to Facebook, they have taught us that it’s better safe than sorry.

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2 thoughts on ““Liking” something on Facebook takes an awfully long time

  1. The privacy shell game was one of a number of reasons why I deleted my Facebook account (if I haven’t mentioned that 2-3 times already).

  2. I’m locked in now, sadly. Karen and I use it during the day to communicate, though if it didn’t exist, I’m sure we’d find a substitute (Vkontakte?). Plus I organize school reunions on it. The price for me is checking the privacy settings at least once a month.

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