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It’s the 1st of the month, so Facebook Timeline stops updating

I know I’m not alone on this, as I have heard from two other Facebook friends, but Facebook has trouble getting to a new month with Timeline.
   Ever since my Facebook went to November 1, Timeline stopped updating. What rests there is the last post of October 31.
   Earlier today, I could still have a look at November entries by forcing the URL www.facebook.com/jack.yan/timeline/2011/11, but that eventually stopped working, too.
   There’s no November entry in the month links at the top right-hand corner, either.
   The only way I can see my Facebook entries is in the full history. Yet no one seems to have reported this bug, which only happens on the 1st of the month. Looks like I’ll have to.

PS.: Facebook Timeline finally made it to November, presumably because the US west coast got there. I assume Facebook is unaware that there are a lot of time zones ahead of Pacific time?

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14 Responses to ‘It’s the 1st of the month, so Facebook Timeline stops updating’

  1. jaklumen says:

    Understood, Jack.

    I think the time zones throughout Oceania are rather neglected by many sites. Generally speaking, I do see some bias from place to place based on the sites home time zone and upon its home culture. I think the heaviest skews are towards US EST and UK GMT. The presence of Silicon Valley seems to bring PST a close third, but again, I expect UK GMT to pull more ahead if the “Silicon Roundabout” in London really takes off.

    Facebook is universal enough, however, that the Zuckerbergs have no real excuse.

  2. Jack Yan says:

    I’m still waiting for some tagged photos and a check-in to appear, probably again because of PST (I assume you have “fallen back”?). It really does seem silly—if Facebook is capable of displaying times in NZDT, then it should update on the 1st of the month here just as anywhere else. It would, logically, be more work for Facebook to demand that the planet waits for the 1st in California just to see their own posts and photographs appear.

  3. […] Timeline doesn’t work on the 1st of each month. If you’re in New Zealand, tough luck. Your Timeline will stay frozen on the last day of the previous month for most of the day, because the new month doesn’t start until the Americans say it starts. Prior to that, the new month wouldn’t start till the Californians said it starts. Presumably, this is why the New Zealand roll-out didn’t happen on December 1. The error has been there for three months now. […]

  4. […] predicted failure to recognize any time zone outside the US for the fourth time. In fact, as with October 1 and November 1, Facebook once again thought that its entire 800 million-strong user base resides in California. […]

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  6. […] not global, reinforces some false and outdated stereotypes about the US.    It’s like Facebook not knowing that time zones outside US Pacific Time exist and believing its 750 million (as it then was) users all lived there.    My advice to app […]

  7. […] not global, reinforces some false and outdated stereotypes about the US.    It’s like Facebook not knowing that time zones outside US Pacific Time exist and believing its 750 million (as it then was) users all lived there.    My advice to app […]

  8. […] Facebook missed it: for months it acted as though its entire user base was in California, with the website stuck at the end of each month till it got to the 1st in its home state. Now it is kicking users off over fake malware accusations when it’s more likely, and this is […]

  9. […] seems to close down for the weekend, and the important techs don’t get back till afterwards. It also doesn’t understand the concept of time zones, as six years ago, Facebook walls stopped…    As it’s the weekend before the Gregorian New Year, Facebook’s probably […]

  10. […] fails to get the basics right after so many years. Few, I’m willing to bet, will remember that no one’s wall updated on January 1, 2012 if you lived east of the US Pacific time zone, because the staff at Facebook hadn’t figured out […]

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  12. […]  Facebook launches Timeline, but it actually doesn’t work on the 1st of each month as no one there has worked out there are time zones other than US Pacific. Still no one thinks […]

  13. […] uses bots to boost likes to a page. The con was, certainly when I was a heavy user around the time Timeline was introduced, making us feel like we were doing something creative, satiating that part of our […]

  14. […] to wait many hours, even a day, for something to appear on the full-fat web version.    This reminds me of those days when our Facebook walls stopped updating on the 1st of each month, presumably because someone in Menlo Park had to flip a switch to tell the website that the new […]

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