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Didn’t take long to find Sonico’s limits

I seem to be on a lot of social networks (Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Vkontakte), so I thought I’d look in to Sonico. I can see why it’s not as big as the others.
   For a start, there seems to be insufficient globalization of its features. Try entering a Chinese film in to the favourite movies, and it’s a no-go:


   And while you select New Zealand as your country, it’s too bad if you’re from Wellington:


   Maybe these jokers hate the Wellywood sign as much as we do?

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Filed under: humour, internet, New Zealand, Wellington—Jack Yan @ 03.06

2 Responses to ‘Didn’t take long to find Sonico’s limits’

  1. Sonico says:

    Thank’s for the heads up. It’s fixed.

    Sonico Team

  2. Jack Yan says:

    Wonderful. For the record, I did contact you directly as well—glad you are far more responsive than Facebook is to these matters.

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