Air New Zealand acts in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake

Good on Air New Zealand for ferrying emergency supplies to Christchurch, for its $50 special to and from Christchurch till Friday 8 a.m., and for extra 747 flights to and from the disaster-struck city tomorrow (subject to the airport reopening down there).
   I’ve also learned that there is an extra Wellington–Christchurch A320 service departing 1.45 p.m. Wednesday.
   These are great moves by the airline, for banding together and doing something that we all wished we could do.
   You wouldn’t see this from a foreign-owned airline here—or, I should say, we have not seen any such action from one. Air New Zealand has acted admirably and reminded us just how important it is to have Kiwis running the show.
   The airline’s stock has gone up in my book—that’s the layman’s way of saying I think its brand equity among domestic audiences has increased.

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