Chrome continues to block sites although Stop Badware clears them

I’m pleased to note that the Stop Badware people have manually analysed, and, and cleared all sites at 8.01, 8.01 and 10.01 a.m. GMT respectively.
   Google, however, is still showing this to Chrome users as at 9.10 a.m. if they visit the Lucire website:

   I am not surprised.
   This has come at a cost, with our clients enquiring and one sending this:

All because Google can’t get its systems right, and is happy to ruin the reputations of online publications, despite being notified countless times over the last four days that it has messed up.
   Incidentally, I put up a status about this at Lucire’s Google Plus page yesterday. Interestingly, Google Plus would not share it with anyone who followed us. It makes it harder to believe that the errors are completely down to automated systems.

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