A letter from composer Terry Gray, 1991

What a coincidence to come across a letter from composer, arranger, conductor and former TVNZ bandleader Terry Gray, dated May 25, 1991, after I blogged about him on (nearly) the seventh anniversary of his passing. Here it is for others who may be interested in a little slice of Kiwi life. It looks like ITC Garamond Book Narrow here, though the resolution doesn’t make it very clear.

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2 thoughts on “A letter from composer Terry Gray, 1991

  1. Hi Jack
    The years go by but the internet sometimes throws up interesting bits and pieces. I have just stumbled across your interesting comments about Terry Gray, musician. Terry worked for a while at a Wellington restaurant “ Windows on Wellington “. There on Saturday nights and sometimes Fridays, he entertained all with real style. Such a nice man. I lost touch with him some time ago unfortunately. I was also late in learning about his death, but will remember him as you do.

  2. Thank you for your nice comments, Liz. Terry was a class act, such a talented composer, arranger and conductor. I remember Windows on Wellington, but I didn’t know he performed there. I wish there were more opportunities for Terry to work his magic through the 1990s. What a talent!

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