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COVID-19 per capita: April 2 update

I had to see how we were tracking on total COVID-19 infections alongside other countries on a per capita basis, and here’s the latest update (source also linked above). I knew Switzerland was doing badly, but not this badly. I know I haven’t been consistent with my previous post鈥檚 country selection, but I don’t want this becoming an obsession.

Spain 2,227路1
Switzerland 2,057路5
Italy 1,828
Germany 931路6
France 873路6
Netherlands 795
USA 651路7
Sweden 490路7
UK 434路8
Australia 202路2
South Korea 194路6
Singapore 171路3
New Zealand 165路7
Hong Kong 102路4
Mainland China 56路7
Saudi Arabia 49路6
Japan 18路8
Taiwan 14路2
India 1路5

   I said in a recent post that a lot of the Asian territories have done well because of a community response. Another thing Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore have in common: a lot of people descended from Chinese who fled the mainland in 1949, and have a mistrust of anything the Communist Party says. If the CCP said Dr Li Wenliang was a stirrer, then that would automatically have these places thinking: shit, there might be a pandemic coming. That could account for their numbers being on the lower half, and for their general decrease in new infection numbers. (I realize Singapore just had a big jump. Anomalous? Or were things not tracking downwards?)

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