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NewTumbl takes things seriously

I have to say I’m impressed with NewTumbl as they responded to my Tweets about potential censorship and post moderation.
   I think they will allow me to share a few points.
   First, they took me seriously. The fact they even bothered to look into it is well beyond what Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook and Google would normally do, and I’m talking about Yahoo in 1999. They also answered every point I made, rather than gloss over or ignore some. Out of their thousands or myriads of users, they were actually good enough to deal with me one on one.
   Secondly, they assure me there’s no censorship of the kind I suspected but think a temporary bug could have been behind Mbii’s inability to see my posts. They will delete illegal content, and that is the extent of it.
   Thirdly, if I may be so bold as to say this one, my understanding of the posts’ levels is correct and those moderators who objected to my content are incorrect.
   I won’t reveal more than that as some of the content refers to future actions.
   I’ve said I could put a toe in the water again over at NewTumbl, and, ‘I really appreciate you taking this seriously and certainly it all helps encourage me to return.’
   Being honest and up front really helps.
   The one thing preventing me from heading back in a flash is I’ve become rather used to adding to the gallery here. We’ll see: I felt it was ‘No way, José’ a month ago (although I always maintained a “never say never” position—I mean, it’s not Google Plus) and now it’s more ‘The jury is out.’ At the least I might pop by more regularly to see what’s in my feed.

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5 Responses to ‘NewTumbl takes things seriously’

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  3. jaklumen says:

    Happy anniversary, Jack.

    Back on topic: I am rather limiting my use of social media to YouTube, for now. I know that’s not an ideal choice, but it’s where the narcissistic abuse recovery community I can trust resides. My wife and I are moderators for two content creators, in that vein.

    I will see if I can persuade my 18-year-old to look at NewTumbl. They still use Tumblr as it stands, which I still find disappointing, but we’ve talked about my reasons why as such.

  4. Jack Yan says:

    Thank you, J. I totally understand those limits. It’s only sensible. I don’t allow YouTube cookies and I don’t do Google, so I’m afraid it’s one place where we won’t connect, but the blog (and email) are always good.
       I’ll have a NewTumbl follow-up post. While I applaud the people behind it, the user base (specifically its post moderating) still leaves something to be desired, I’m afraid.

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