A keyword might help in a Bing site: search

After I suggested that Mike Masnick of Techdirt try out Mojeek for his site:techdirt.com search, since Bing was coming up blank, he decided he would try the search with Techdirt as his keyword (which is what Mojeek requires by design: it doesn’t site searches without search terms; here he would have had to do site:techdirt.com techdirt).

Surprise, surprise, it comes up with results.

Bing claims 659,000, which is a fantasy, considering Mike says his site has 50,000-plus pages.

It’s also a fantasy because Bing conks out after four results.
Bing results' page for site:techdirt.com techdirt

Mojeek delivers 46,748 and Google claims 62,200.

I tried the same with site:lucire.com lucire and Bing was able to deliver 2,000 results (no total claimed), though presently a standard site:lucire.com nets a claimed 2,170 (obviously with repeats). But we all know next week it’ll be down to between 10 and 55 again, such is Bing. You just can’t rely on it, and even 2,170 is a fraction of what Mojeek and Google have.
Bing results' page for site:lucire.com

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