Meta is grabbing your content for its ‘generative AI’—hopefully this opt-out form works

Meta (including Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and presumably Whatsapp) is taking user content for its ‘generative AI’.

I don’t remember signing up for this, but then I stopped using these sites regularly.

Allegedly you can opt out of this. I opted out of ad preference collection there and it made no difference, but in case it does something, here’s the page, as shared by Joaquin Baldwin on Mastodon.


As creepy as Google Chrome snooping on your bookmarks and censoring ones it deems offensive?


If you haven’t already, leave corporate social media. Either go the whole hog with a full deletion or just hold on to your username. They have been taking a lot from each person and they still want to extract more.

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3 thoughts on “Meta is grabbing your content for its ‘generative AI’—hopefully this opt-out form works

  1. I’m taking a different approach to this. If you think about it, anything we’ve put online has already been scrapped and used by search engines and sites like Facebook. I mean, if you think about what the internet was like back in 1995 and what it’s like now, it only makes sense that large websites were learning from our searches and from the sites we were interested in and feeding us more of that. AI isn’t going to change that much since anything we’ve put online has already been consumed. The best we can do is limit how much personal stuff we put online that we don’t want anyone to know… but much of it has probably already been figured out. lol

  2. You are right in that our content has already been used but for me the difference is that it’s being fed back to us as “original” work. With search engines, they fed our own stuff back to us but it was clear who owned it—Google was merely providing an index. Now they’re passing off our work as their own.

    The original post might be moot as Facebook responded and basically won’t do anything unless you jump through their hoops, but their hoops don’t strictly apply. I want them to stop using my work but there’s no real option for that … of course they will try to milk us!

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