Nice to be back on The Panel

The Invisible Man main cast
David McCallum with Melinda Fee and Craig Stevens in The Invisible Man. (Who’d have guessed? Illya Kuryakin and Peter Gunn on the same show!)
Haven’t had this much fun on RNZ’s The Panel ever—since for once I knew my fellow panellist, Alison Mau. Both Ali and I weren’t in the studio with Wallace Chapman, and I have to hand it to Wallace for throwing us our cues so expertly.

‘I’ve been thinking’ about the late David McCallum, who I share a Gregorian-calendar birthday with, which makes a nice break, I hope, for listeners who usually hear me go on about Big Tech and its evils. I don’t need to remind people as much now since an idiot is visibly in charge of one of those firms. And, yes, children, the rest of them have similar tendencies. If only the US knew how to enforce its competition laws, but as it’s an anocracy, I’m not holding my breath. We barely know how to here.

It was much more fun to talk about Illya Kuryakin and Steel, and thanks to Wallace bringing up The Invisible Man, since I was ready with Dr Daniel Westin, too. It was also a delight to hear ‘Magic’, performed by Olivia Newton-John, as we resumed the second half, since it was her birthday on Wednesday.

It was nice to have returned after a long break away from the programme. Here’s the pre-Panel (the fun opening gambit), then Part 1, and Part 2.

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