Autocade traffic back on track, with 33 million page views

Toyota Yaris Cross
Yesterday must have been a record day at Autocade with 41,000 page views recorded in 24 hours. What I didn’t realize was that we have crossed the 33 million page view mark, since the counter was reset in March 2022 and I forgot what I needed to add to get the total.

The last recorded total on the old installation was 27,647,011, and presently it’s on 5,452,097, totalling 33,099,108. We must have hit the 33 million mark last week—and that means a great return to form for Autocade, as it took only two months to net the latest million.

It’s good to know that switching to a secure server didn’t damage traffic, as it had done for other sites of ours, and that my pushing to add content (4,808 models at the time of writing, versus 4,723 when we had 32 million) has (figuratively) paid dividends.

We may have well got there when the latest Luxgens were being added last week, but as is custom on this blog, the latest entry is for the current southeast Asian Toyota Yaris Cross, a different car to the Yaris Cross sold in Japan, Europe and Down Under.

As is tradition:
March 2008: launch
April 2011: 1,000,000 (three years for first million)
March 2012: 2,000,000 (11 months for second million)
May 2013: 3,000,000 (14 months for third million)
January 2014: 4,000,000 (eight months for fourth million)
September 2014: 5,000,000 (eight months for fifth million)
May 2015: 6,000,000 (eight months for sixth million)
October 2015: 7,000,000 (five months for seventh million)
March 2016: 8,000,000 (five months for eighth million)
August 2016: 9,000,000 (five months for ninth million)
February 2017: 10,000,000 (six months for 10th million)
June 2017: 11,000,000 (four months for 11th million)
January 2018: 12,000,000 (seven months for 12th million)
May 2018: 13,000,000 (four months for 13th million)
September 2018: 14,000,000 (four months for 14th million)
February 2019: 15,000,000 (five months for 15th million)
June 2019: 16,000,000 (four months for 16th million)
October 2019: 17,000,000 (four months for 17th million)
December 2019: 18,000,000 (just under three months for 18th million)
April 2020: 19,000,000 (just over three months for 19th million)
July 2020: 20,000,000 (just over three-and-a-half months for 20th million)
October 2020: 21,000,000 (three months for 21st million)
January 2021: 22,000,000 (three months for 22nd million)
April 2021: 23,000,000 (three months for 23rd million)
June 2021: 24,000,000 (two months for 24th million)
August 2021: 25,000,000 (two months for 25th million)
October 2021: 26,000,000 (two months for 26th million)
January 2022: 27,000,000 (three months for 27th million)
April 2022: 28,000,000 (three months for 28th million)
August 2022: 29,000,000 (four months for 29th million)
December 2022: 30,000,000 (three months, 10 days for 30th million)
April 2023: 31,000,000 (four months for 31st million)
August 2023: 32,000,000 (four months for 32nd million)
October 2023: 33,000,000 (two months for 33rd million)

Back to where we were in 2021. We know 2022 was low because Bing had collapsed, though for Lucire and Autocade it has recovered somewhat, recording 2,170 results for Autocade now versus 10 to a few dozen last year. For comparison, Google claims 2,910, still remarkably low given the 4,800-plus entries (this must be a consequence of HTTPS or just Google’s difficulty with dynamic content), while Mojeek beats them both on 3,103, since it behaves like a normal search engine when you switch to secure serving.

It’s a very nice, bright spot and very pleasing to see.

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