Autocade reaches 31 million page views

Cupra Formentor
It took four months but Autocade’s finally at 31 million page views, having made it to 3,352,136 this morning (April 2). That smaller number is the page views since the program was reinstalled last year. Add that to the last recorded total before the reinstallation of 27,647,011, and you have 30,999,147. At c. 10,000 views a day (on an off-day it’d be 6,000) then we have already crossed 31 million.

The latest versions of Mediawiki no longer give live counts so there is some estimating involved. I also know 27,647,011 was recorded the day before Autocade was disconnected from the old server, so in reality we’re looking at thousands more that were served on the old machine.

Since I’ve been tracking how badly the Bing-based search engines have gone, then we can probably lay the blame for the lower page view count on them. Recently, I ran a search on Bing and found 22 results; Mojeek had the most, at over 3,200. We have to go back to 2019 when a million views every four months was the norm; during 2021, two months were looking like the new normal.

I haven’t added as many models, either: at the time of 30 million page views, Autocade was on 4,631 models. Today it’s on 4,689. I thought we might have got to 4,700 but, again, it goes to show that we don’t plan these milestones.

The Cupra Formentor is the latest model added.

It’s also been interesting watching the Opel Astra J and Renault Mégane II duke it out for fifth place among the most popular model entries. Sometimes there’s only one in it and the two have been jostling it out. Here are how those are looking presently; the figures given are post-reset:
Toyota Corolla (E210) (7,094 views)
Ford Taunus 80 (4,542 views)
Daewoo Winstorm (3,869 views)
Ford Fiesta Mk VII (3,503 views)
Opel Astra J (3,453 views)
Renault Mégane II (3,446 views)
Peugeot 206+, 207 (3,356 views)
Renault Mégane III (3,120 views)
Rover SD1 (3,105 views)
Ford Fiesta Mk VI (3,058 views)

The 10th-placed Fiesta has pushed out the Ford Cortina Mk III, sitting on 3,017 views.

As presented by my OCD, here are how the million milestones have occurred.
March 2008: launch
April 2011: 1,000,000 (three years for first million)
March 2012: 2,000,000 (11 months for second million)
May 2013: 3,000,000 (14 months for third million)
January 2014: 4,000,000 (eight months for fourth million)
September 2014: 5,000,000 (eight months for fifth million)
May 2015: 6,000,000 (eight months for sixth million)
October 2015: 7,000,000 (five months for seventh million)
March 2016: 8,000,000 (five months for eighth million)
August 2016: 9,000,000 (five months for ninth million)
February 2017: 10,000,000 (six months for 10th million)
June 2017: 11,000,000 (four months for 11th million)
January 2018: 12,000,000 (seven months for 12th million)
May 2018: 13,000,000 (four months for 13th million)
September 2018: 14,000,000 (four months for 14th million)
February 2019: 15,000,000 (five months for 15th million)
June 2019: 16,000,000 (four months for 16th million)
October 2019: 17,000,000 (four months for 17th million)
December 2019: 18,000,000 (just under three months for 18th million)
April 2020: 19,000,000 (just over three months for 19th million)
July 2020: 20,000,000 (just over three-and-a-half months for 20th million)
October 2020: 21,000,000 (three months for 21st million)
January 2021: 22,000,000 (three months for 22nd million)
April 2021: 23,000,000 (three months for 23rd million)
June 2021: 24,000,000 (two months for 24th million)
August 2021: 25,000,000 (two months for 25th million)
October 2021: 26,000,000 (two months for 26th million)
January 2022: 27,000,000 (three months for 27th million)
April 2022: 28,000,000 (three months for 28th million)
August 2022: 29,000,000 (four months for 29th million)
December 2022: 30,000,000 (three months, 10 days for 30th million)
April 2023: 31,000,000 (four months for 31st million)

With Bing still in the toilet—and the slowdown occurring as the search index collapsed—we might not be in the same territory as we were in 2021 for the next wee while.

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