This weekend’s milestones at Lucire and Autocade

Autocade’s 4,800th model: the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder.
Stuff that has happened: Lucire has turned 26. Not a huge celebration given we did the quarter-century last year. Looking back, we did it quite well. When we had our 20th and 21st, we intended to mark them through those years, but never really did. It was quite satisfying taking the nostalgia trips last year.

This year, I wrote a tiny editorial and we put up five articles from 1998 and 1999 that were removed for space reasons back then (limited hard drive space, hosting expenses).

Autocade passed 4,800 models, with the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder the 4,800th entry. I don’t mind writing about the Indian car industry as much, even when it comes to crossovers and SUVs. It feels less tedious and more interesting than the Chinese market, and references are more complete—despite China having numerous car directories, often with the same incomplete information. Try finding me the battery capacity of the Hawtai S1 iEV360: you’ll find the output (41·8 kW) but not the kilowatt hour capacity—and it’s missing from every official directory.

Having said that, the Riich M1, Hawtai S1 and the Huanghai Smile—different editions of the same car—were interesting to trace. Not being a same-again SUV helped greatly.

As more updates have taken place over the last few weeks, the page views have gone up—which is only fair. Hopefully, I’ll have a million-page-view update to give soon.

Stats-wise, the Ford Taunus 80 is set to overtake the Toyota Corolla (E210) as Autocade’s most-read model page.

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