Hellos and goodbyes

Twenty twenty-three, what a year.

I’ve met some amazing people this year, a lot of whom are in the public service. You know who you are. I am happy to know you. Those who champion the good in our society. Those who offer alternatives to things that harm society. Those who create good in this world, those who unite regardless of colour or creed. Thank you.

Time for some belated spring cleaning then.

If you’ve purposely misconstrued what a client or I said, and thought that your law degree would let you get away with it, then goodbye. If you’re a politician who has ever gaslit a citizen, then goodbye. We’re smarter than you, and can see through your incompetence or stupidity.

If you ever thought New Zealanders weren’t able to do things, because of either your own limitations or your desire to sow discord, then goodbye. To the racists who reared their ugly heads at Elon Musk’s Nazi bar, or those who spread it or condone it on Mastodon, goodbye and good riddance. Since you’ve nothing productive to do in your little lives, who needs you? Society doesn’t.

Who’s actually worth fighting? Tech companies who steal, like those who pinch our content to run their chatbots. Or those whose actions are negligent and ultimately undermine democracy in their quest to bump up their earnings or share prices. Those who do harm to society. Much more on my level. Petty politicking I leave to others.

The coming year, if you’re keeping score the Pope Gregory way, I hope we advance things—rather than see more retrograde steps for the world.

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