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Autocade stats' page, showing a total of 6,784,553 page views since February 2022
Some impressive stats from all of you out there in cyberspace: thank you!

Autocade’s counter is currently at 6,784,553. When I last blogged about reader stats on the 22nd, it was 6,444,257. (These numbers begin counting from when the site was reinstalled in February 2022.) As the counter only updates once a day, we can safely estimate that five days have elapsed. Doing the maths, that’s 68,059 page views a day.

Even if it’s based on six days, that’s 56,716.

When we did 40,000 a day not that long ago, I thought that was an anomaly, or that I misremembered when I last checked the numbers, and assumed that was over two days.

Having seen 10,000 as the norm for many years, I’m truly grateful for this jump in interest in Autocade. US readers, you’ll soon be rewarded, all plans going well, and Chinese readers, we’re working on it. There’ll be more entries going up on a regular basis, especially now we know the interest is very much there. What a nice, positive note as we wind up the Gregorian year.

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