The state of play of the internet

From Zero Janitor on Tumblr (and found as an image on Mastodon):
twitter: currently owned by techbro pissman / tumblr: actively removing functionality and bloating the interface with things nobody uses / discord: being retooled by ex-Meta management who don’t understand the appeal of the platform / youtube: neutered by advertisers and algorithms and also tiktokification / reddit: half of the site is down due to protests about the outrageous monetization of third-party API support / facebook: my mom is on there

Sums up the state of play on the internet nicely.

I can’t believe how badly the Reddit situation has been handled, but will leave that to others. A lot has already been written about it, and here’s a good piece in The Verge from a few days ago.

I’m also reading more and more posts from people complaining about the quality of search on Google. I had warned y’all. And this could have been avoided if one thing was different 20 years ago (namely Google not selling ads to all and sundry without any checks). Like climate change, which could have been avoided if one thing was different 50 years ago (namely oil companies not engaging in a disinformation campaign).

Speaking of 20 years ago, my friend Richard MacManus pays tribute to the site he founded, ReadWriteWeb. I must have read it at the time (April, when the 20th anniversary of his site took place) but didn’t have the brain space to share it. It’s an incredible journey for a New Zealand business, which Richard sold in the early 2010s. A lot of people claim to be the founder of ReadWrite (which it was rebranded to) but there is only one, and that’s Richard.

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