“AI” is drivel

This is from Perplexity, showing how convincingly these bots with their large language models spit out utter drivel:
Perplexity on Jack Yan and Google SEO
And not everyone will have the actual knowledge to call them out on it:
Perplexity with an apologetic correction
“AI” is only useful when you already know the answer, because it does get it wrong and you need to lead it to spit out the right thing.

Semrush and Google, you need to take responsibility. Semrush, for probably buying in tainted data from a third party, and Google, for indexing obvious junk—unless, of course, you would like to tell us that the “AI” isn’t advanced enough to know.

Because we know a lot of this tech isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. For example, Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology isn’t clever at all: despite being touted as “AI”, it relied on 1,000 workers in India watching you while you shopped (see Business Insider for a report that’s not behind a paywall). Yet another example vindicating my decision to put “AI” in quotation marks.

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