Strange behaviour on SRWare Iron, and Bing ranks phishing site first

I was led to believe that SRWare Iron was Chromium with more privacy, but this morning’s experience testing it was a bit disturbing.

Let’s take a fairly common search, like Amazon seller. SRWare’s default search engine is Bing, or at least its own search takes you to Bing. And Bing puts in its first result a phishing site that’s very convincing. There is no apparent way to report the result.


Now, this one I can’t blame on SRWare Iron, as I could replicate it on Vivaldi, though the link takes me to another phishing URL.


What about using Google on SRWare Iron, same query?


Everything looks kosher, and that’s the URL an Amazon seller might expect.

But click on the link and it goes through two tracking URLs—before it lands on a totally irrelevant site, Amazon Australia’s Music page.


On Vivaldi, the link takes you to Amazon Seller Central directly.

I find SRWare Iron’s behaviour highly dubious with this morning’s searches. Maybe the blame can be laid at Google for the second search—unlike all the daily misinformation going up about me from gullible Semrush users, I’m not involved with Google or SEO, so I wouldn’t know. But after deleting Opera (here is why) and hoping SRWare Iron would be my back-up Chromium browser which allowed Google monitoring for the times when I needed to, say, read a link from Stuff or go into a Google account, it’s already proved to be worse than Opera.

I do have Firefox for back-up usage—this is just for those times when I need a Chromium-based back-up as there’s a lot of sloppy code out there. Who knew it would be this hard?

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