Google can’t deal with YouTube code; and a farewell to Smugmug after 13 years

Once again, Google is full of bollocks.

Its latest email to me says there’s a video on the Lucire website that’s ‘too tall’.
Google warning me that a video is too tall
Inside the Google Search Console: the error is in a YouTube video using embedding code provided by YouTube

Here’s a screenshot of the offending video on the page it identified.

I checked the embed code, and the width is set to 300, the height to 169. It’s not quite 16:9 but close enough.

Here’s a wild idea, Google: why not tell the people at YouTube about how terrible their embedding code is for you to think this is an error instead of wasting everyone else’s time? We’ve only used what they provided.

They might even be down the hall from you.

Another example of how this supposed giant is failing us on the service they were best known for: search.

Maybe it’s too poor and can’t afford all the storage space for the search engine, so it’s finding excuses to limit what it indexes? How else does one explain a Google search that might read:
Google saying it has 'About 244,000 results
and have it run out of results after fewer than three dozen have been displayed? This is so much like Bing.
Meanwhile, Google is desperate to deceive with its Chrome browser. Why anyone would use it is beyond me. Even back in the 2010s, it was terrible. Now it’s even worse:

After over a decade, I made the call to close our Smugmug account. We stored a lot of videos on there prior to our Dailymotion channel, and embedded their code on various sites. What a surprise to see that none of those embeds even work today. A case in point:


While on the Smugmug website itself, a lot of our old work didn’t even show. Reminds me a lot of Facebook.

It’s a shame because there was such great stuff there, but if none of it works, and as we do have offline copies, why bother paying for the sub?


Pity, because I really liked Smugmug back when it worked.

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2 thoughts on “Google can’t deal with YouTube code; and a farewell to Smugmug after 13 years

  1. I’m guessing there is no way to fix the “Video too tall” error then. Because that’s what we are getting too, where a page won’t index because of that. >:@

  2. Unfortunately, CG, I couldn’t find a solution. I looked at the code we had, and it’s a very plain YouTube embed, one we’ve used elsewhere without issue. Google seems to be fraying at the edges as it begins to fall apart …

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