The surprises in Firefox’s about:crashes

C’mon, Firefox! Can we get to 12 crashes per day and really make it a record?

Firefox about:crashes

   When some friends began, helpfully, advising on these crashes, I really didn’t know what was causing them. It was only recently I found out about about:crashes so I could see what was the culprit.
   The latest, according to Mozilla, are related to Java. Relatively few, surprisingly, were related to Shockwave Flash (as predicted by one of my friends who called). And yet others are related to the design of Firefox itself, many of which have the error flag of CompositeDataSourceImpl::cycleCollection::UnmarkPurple(nsISupports*). This latter error has been around since v. 3·5·5 and a related bug was first reported in November 2009.
   I have long said that ever since using 3·5, Firefox has crashed constantly, so this link seems to confirm what I have experienced. It forced me to stay with 3·0 for a long time, basically until Firefox became unsafe for trojans. I upgraded to 3·6·10 happily—but when that updated itself, the crashes began again.
   The users who have commented at Mozilla about this bug also seem to confirm that it has not happened in all versions between 3·5·5 and 3·6·12.
   You have no idea what a relief it is to know that I’m not alone with these bugs and that the fault lies with Mozilla. A few of you have told me on Twitter that your Firefoxes are buggy, but many of you have said that the 3·5s and 3·6s are the most reliable yet, including the Firefox fanatics at the ‘Army of Awesome’ (only one of whom has proved anything near helpful). It does appear that for a minority of us—or perhaps even a majority, if earlier crashes had driven them to Chrome—3·6 is not reliable, and, in my case, it is the least reliable of all the Firefoxes.
   Of course, adding to the bug log proves a mission in itself, maybe because so many people are reporting?

Reporting to Mozilla

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2 thoughts on “The surprises in Firefox’s about:crashes

  1. ever since aol changed last week, my attyhoo mozilla browser and IE combination mostly does not work for pogo games. I have been driving myself crazy trying to fix it. Is there anything that can be done to resolve this problem?

  2. forgot to say, Firefox is constantly crashing. I have tried updating java and adobe. Nothing works Firefox should be ashamed of itself.

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