No changes to Opera’s typography in v. 11 beta

Opera 11 still has the font-changing bug that was in 10·63, as I found tonight:

Bugs in Opera

Bugs in Opera
Underlined are the characters (from a post on this blog) that are not displaying in the same typeface as the rest of the text.

   The quotation marks, all ligatures and any characters that follow a ligature before a space, and possibly the em dash are all in a different font from what is set in the stylesheet.
   It still defaults to a bitmap font, even after I have changed the CSS (Google, in particular, is totally in bitmap—last time, I was able to change this), and cannot do automatic ligatures for text set in OpenType fonts.

Bugs in Opera
Google is in more of a mess than any other popular page. Although there are no mentions of bitmap fonts in the defaults, Opera still displays results in bitmap form. I’m pretty sure that I could, and did, change this in v. 10.

   I know the majority of users will not care about typography. After my experiences with the rivals, Opera might be the best bet—it’s the one I’ve now set as the default for my father, who just wants a stable browser and watches a lot of web video.
   It’s just a shame that for those of us who do care, version 11 of Opera has, so far, not been any different, and in fact, might be a little worse.

To Opera boffins: how does one search for earlier opened support tickets? DSK-317374 and DSK-317668 are two of mine relating to Opera 10·63, but they can neither be found on Duck Duck Go nor on Google.

PS.: I did not change the CSS font specs in Opera, hence the bitmaps. So I take back the implication that I could change the bitmap fonts in v. 10 and not in v. 11—it was my error.—JY

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