Internet Explorer 9 can’t even display Microsoft’s own page

After this issue with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, I went to the McAfee forums to record it so others knew.
   The McAfee volunteers and tech support guys have, in the last while, been fantastic. There’s one volunteer there, Peter, who’s always been right. So I would be foolish to ignore their advice.
   You can read the thread for yourself but after following these registry-cleaning suggestions, I downloaded IE9 again.
   Result: the same. IE9 doesn’t display anything. Pages are either all black or all white.
   It’s even more worrying when you realize Internet Explorer cannot display its own page at Microsoft:

   That’s two out of two fails. It’s official: IE9 is the worst browser on the market and an absolute waste of time.
   Not that I would have ever used it—it was more intellectual curiosity to see how it compared to Firefox 4, Chromium and Opera. Conclusion: it doesn’t.

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8 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 9 can’t even display Microsoft’s own page

  1. I got the same problem, no display after upgrading to IE 9. Crap again from Microsoft!!!

  2. Ops! I got it! Just select Software Rederization on Advanced Options and, that’s it! It seem is a problem with video driver and IE9

  3. Thanks, Jason. Sadly, this fix did not work for me. I’ve even tried IE9 without add-ons, and all I can say is that the screen no longer goes black. It now usually stays white.

  4. Select Tools – Internet options – Advanced tab
    Click on the option under Accelerated Graphics [*] use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

    That worked for me, perhaps that will also be of help to you.

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