The Paradise Club’s Facebook page (not an adult joint)

Leslie Grantham and Don HendersonTwo years ago, I blogged about The Paradise Club’s unavailability on DVD and the reasons behind it.
   As a show nearly forgotten after 20 years, perhaps it isn’t surprising to find there are no Facebook fan pages for it. There is the one that Facebook generates from Wikipedia, but that’s it, as far as I can tell. The rest are for some adult clubs. Maybe one of them is for the below location in Wellington, New Zealand.*

Paradise Club, Dixon Street

   But it’s Facebook, right? Surely anyone can set one up?
   So, here ’tis, one member strong: Considering the Wikipedia-based one has 75, it might be nice to see a few more faces at mine. I realize my earlier post was hit by a number of Paradise fans, so this is a sort of shout-out to them.
   Meanwhile, the Alarm für Cobra 11 Facebook group has dipped to 1,859 members, thanks to Facebook defaulting to spamming all members. The Lucire one has stopped its drop, and is rising again, though after four or five messages explaining how to remove oneself from Facebook’s default spamming.
   As one friend on Facebook commented: it shouldn’t be my job to write these posts. Facebook should have informed its users better. But, as usual, transparency is not one of Facebook’s strong suits.

* Not that I went in. Not after that time I went to the Ponderosa bar on Blair Street in Wellington and said, ‘I’m Hop Sing. Is Ben around?’ and got a totally blank look from the bartender. You’d think that if your logo was one of the Cartwright brothers (it looks like Adam), someone would have informed employees how the name came about.

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2 thoughts on “The Paradise Club’s Facebook page (not an adult joint)

  1. It’s amazing how fickle society can be about memories, really. There are certain media moments I loved (including commercials) and yet they’ve just slipped through the cracks as far as Web documentation is concerned.

    Been busy lately with a new house… and not even moved in yet as there is much to do and get ready (bit of a fixer-upper, but not very much). If I can manage to type fast in stolen moments, maybe I’ll have more to say at my own space. Hope to “see” you soon.

  2. Thanks, Jak—I’m grateful you found some time to pop by given your shift. It amazes me what people remember, too. When putting together some entries at Autocade, I’ve looked at how we’ve fared versus Wikipedia, and I’m astonished as to what’s missing at the larger site. Wikipedia, when it comes to certain subjects, is a depository of what people recall or what has been rumoured, and it’s a good way to find what the general belief about a certain topic is.

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