Roger Nichols performs the original Hart to Hart theme

In 2013, I wrote a small note on my Tumblog about Roger Nichols’ theme to the TV series Hart to Hart. The music was played as the opening and closing themes in the pilot, and as an incidental theme to many episodes later, but few remember it. I’ve even seen websites proclaim that the Mark Snow theme that most of us know was the ‘original’, not unlike how The Love Boat attempts to exorcise the two pilot films starring Ted Hamilton and Quinn Redeker as the captains.
   The tune was later commercially released by the Carpenters as ‘Now’, among the final songs recorded by Karen Carpenter. However, that was with a different set of lyrics, and the original by Leslie Bricusse has never been heard. I suggested in 2013 that the closest might have been Mariya Takeuchi’s recording in Japanese, though that has since vanished from YouTube.
   However, there is now a post on YouTube at almost the original tempo, performed by Nichols himself, but the Bricusse lyrics remain unheard. You’d think that there’d be a fan somewhere who has the inside story.

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8 thoughts on “Roger Nichols performs the original Hart to Hart theme

  1. The tune was later recorded by The Carpenters, in what was to become Karen Carpenter’s final recording, under the title “Now”, with lyrics by Dean Pitchford and at a slower tempo. Here’s a link to the Carpenters’ recording:

  2. Hi,

    I love the Tune.
    Iam looking for all the 5 seasons opening themes without Max voice.
    But the complete orchestral score will be never released … and I love
    the music inside the show.

    I have written to Mark Snow … a long time ago… but nothing…

    HART TO HART is the best tv series in my heart.

    All the best, Mario from Germany

  3. Hi Mario, from memory the Mark Snow theme always had the voiceover (at least when broadcast), and the only time I can think of it being uninterrupted is in the pilot, when Jonathan and Jennifer travel to the clinic. But of course that is a slightly different version and has the background noise of the action on the screen.

    A fan has made a cut here using music from seasons 2 and 4 which might get you closer to your goal.

  4. Good morning Jack.
    Thanks for you nice feedback.
    On youtube I found a few really hot tracks from fans.
    But I hope so that we csn get all the HART TO HART music. I love the snow chase music..
    Iam sorry about my english.

    Thanks again.

    All the best.
    Mario from Germany

  5. I will keep my fingers crossed, Mario! I am still hopeful that one day, the original Roger Nichols–Leslie Bricusse theme will be released in some form, too. Your English is fine—you need not worry about it. Viel besser als mein Deutsch.

  6. Vielen Dank! Beautiful work, especially re-creating the Bookman Italic and swashes of the original logotype!

  7. Hi,

    it is only a single side maxi vinyl single with the music. Shaped record in heart form.
    You can play these record and hearing the HART TO HART music ;)
    The logo is the original German version.

    I have made a isolated score from the tv series.. cutting the oice out from the music..
    Very hard work… to get the score music… But I hope so to get the real score music
    ina collectors edition in real on CD :)) I love the soundtrack, so much !!!

    All the best, Mario

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