2 thoughts on “NewTumbl is dead—the signs were there

  1. Yeah I closed shop on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Tumblr and even Reddit basically kicked me out and suspended my account. In the case of Reddit it was a simple case of somebody taking over my site and me trying to get answers. I guess I asked too many questions. I’m giving Mastadon a try. I think it’s because I like their elephant logo. I still have a Pinterest account and a board although I don’t spend much time on the site. The Moral Police aka The Do Gooders are ruining things on various social media platforms. I have never been a fan of Automaticc ever since they took over Tumblr.

  2. I hear you, Robert. The Do Gooders really did ruin NewTumbl, and I’m not even sure what sort of standards they were enforcing to. Victorian England? Mastodon has been pretty good for me, though for a while a great Tumblr and NewTumbl substitute for me was having a gallery here on this blog, using a Wordpress plug-in. I only stopped doing it because of all the false positives copyright photo bots were picking up. I’m happy to dig up licence info when they come by for work, but for a personal site it’s not worth my time.

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