Twenty years ago, Lucire and United Nations Environment Programme teamed up for a first

Twenty years ago, the United Nations Environment Programme and Lucire announced their partnership.

I look back at how the arrangement came about in 2002–3.

At the time, it was unheard of for a mainstream fashion title to make this sort of a commitment to sustainability, but I felt we couldn’t afford not to. Even then it was obvious what harm fast fashion was doing, for instance. While some of those labels still got covered, we felt it important to redress the balance. To this day it is a commitment that we have kept, and other titles have followed suit with increasing their sustainable style coverage.

My friend Summer Rayne Oakes was responsible for a lot of our coverage, especially with her ‘Behind the Label’ series. One of her 2005 images is above, modelling Storm Williams.

There’s a bit more over on the Lucire website, as well as a link to the UN press release from 2003.

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