Why an SVG logo does not render in Firefox

Thanks to the participants at the Mozilla forum for answering why my name, rendered in SVG, did not show up in Firefox on this website.

It turns out that Chromium is a lot less strict (remember the days of Internet Explorer?). As a result, it rendered the SVG file even when it really wasn’t supposed to. I specified a set width for the graphic in the stylesheet, and all was well.

The same lesson applied to the new JYA Creative website, which is built around similar Bootstrap code. Fortunately, it was something we fixed on that site before it went live. You can’t have a company dealing with branding and then not display its own logotype.

I’d love to switch back to Firefox but have got so used to Vivaldi—but if Google gets its way, Chromium is going to be more compromised. I have to admit I prefer the way Chromium renders type, and that’s something very important to me. Let me know your thoughts. I think I’m right in not trusting Google.
PS.: Vivaldi’s Julien Picalausa explains the ‘dangerous’ Google browser situation at their blog.

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