Do you really want a Nazi brand association?

Dan Gillmor wrote:


I share Dan’s view. Not only that, why would anyone want their brand—corporate or personal—to be tarnished by Musk and his simplified swastika?

Yes, my account is still there, inactive (and locked), making sure no one takes the handle. That’s just prudent, because the one thing worse than having your name tarnished by OnlyKlans is having a nutter pretend to be you on OnlyKlans.

Dan condemns the active participants, one which I am not.

It’s 2024, and surely we know where Musk stands? He has shaped OnlyKlans in his image, and it’s not the Twitter of old. It hasn’t been in a long, long time. And it shouldn’t be the sort of brand association any organization or individual would want—unless they shared Musk’s viewpoints, including his support of fascism, racism, and numerous conspiracy theories.

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