Healthy jumps on Autocade

I’m happy to note that Autocade has had a few high-traffic days again, the first time the daily rate has exceeded 30,000 page views since we put the site behind Cloudflare.

After the site was reinstalled in 2022 and the counter reset, Autocade’s Mediawiki totals only update once a day.

April 18: 8,633,966 total page views
April 19: 8,668,095
April 20: 8,708,104


The US is well out ahead of China and Singapore at the moment, whereas at the start, there would be plenty of days when China would be ahead of the US.

I don’t know how accurate Cloudflare’s country-of-origin data are, and one person on Mastodon said that Singapore can be used as a point through where traffic is routed, accounting for the country showing up in the top three in the Cloudflare Autocade stats.

Nevertheless, a 40,000-page view day is very pleasing.

The leaderboard is also interesting, with recent changes to the order. The top 10 models are:
Ford Taunus 80 12,058
Daewoo Winstorm 9,195
Opel Astra J 8,928
Ford Fiesta Mk VII 8,686
Renault Mégane III 8,682
IKCO Samand 8,624
Toyota Corolla (E210) 8,544
Peugeot 206+, 207 8,471
Renault Mégane II 8,311
Ford Fiesta Mk VI 8,157
The Mégane III has shot up, while the IKCO Samand and Toyota Corolla (E210) have faltered. You never know, both pages might find favour again: Samand visitors came from out of nowhere as far as Autocade is concerned, and got it on the leaderboard in a remarkably short space of time.

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