Two Mastodon polls: on 50 shades of Grade, and the best non-Bond Roger Moore film

Asking the tough questions on Mastodon. Very tiny samples, and I was limited to four possible answers—but now you know.
Best Lew Grade big-screen flick? The Muppet Movie at 88%.
Best non-Bond Roger film? The Cannonball Run at 83%.
Meanwhile, I see Linkedin has not been very good at removing misinformation about me. Not as bad as Quora, but still down there. The latest post says ‘jackyan’ is a metaphor for these Google updates. So far I’ve seen my name, spaced and unspaced, described as a lead Google developer, the name of an algorithm, a city (!), and a community-created nickname for Google updates. As before, I repeat: it should be pretty easy to find out if someone should be trusted in the digital marketing–SEO space. If they’ve authored misinformation—and you can check it with search terms like Google SEO jackyan—then they are not to be trusted or hired. Though do click through, as a tiny handful have reported the truth. Some are probably altruistic and want to do the right thing, and others want to be seen to be revealing something the others don’t know. Of the latter group: at least they’re prepared to market themselves with truth rather than lies. That I don’t mind.

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