Tech misdeeds are now too numerous

You don’t need me keeping score: misdeeds in the tech industry, from Adobe using user content for its “AI” tools to Elon Musk being a Nazi, are a daily occurrence now, and plenty of others are writing about them. At the top end, it seems such a poisonous area to be in, especially with so many of them touting “AI”, in the same way Detroit pushed gas guzzlers in the wake of the 1973 fuel crisis. Half-baked and senseless, yet they feel they must offer it to us, warts and warts.

It’s a daily grind correcting disinformation and misinformation about me while Semrush does nothing (if it did anything, it would be an admission of wrongdoing) and the search-engine press does nothing (are they as phony-baloney as some “SEO” practitioners?).

I think I’ll still record the tech issues that have impacted me, only because I see that they help others (the Facebook malware posts remain the most-read on this blog), but it is becoming too difficult to record the major tech misdeeds of the day. Like lies from crooked real estate tycoons, you need an entire staff to keep up in order to record their collapse into untrustworthiness—and this is a personal blog. Our team members do what they are good at, and tech reporting we leave to others. Techdirt does a fine job—support your independent press, and rise up against the fools.

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