The colourless world

This is a development proposed for my old street in Rongotai. Since I’ve moved away I haven’t a say in what happens there. I can only make some general remarks. And this post is not written from the Luddite position.    It’s the price of progress that as cities grow, we need more housing, and […]

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Shanghai, 1987 v. 2013

Originally on my Tumblog, but the graphic wouldn’t fit properly with the template. Amazing. There’s an entire generation who will have no concept of Shanghai being a city without skyscrapers. You may also like It took a while: Autocade hits 4,000 models Endgame: Saab files for bankruptcy Why the next Holden Commodore will have a […]

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The flyover: every option now heard

Embarcadero Waterfront, photographed by Ricardo Martins/CC BY 2.0.   I was consistent about the Basin Reserve flyover in my campaign. Yes, I agreed we needed improvements to the area. But no, spending millions on it—it did not matter whether it was from taxes or rates at the end of the day, because that still meant […]

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