The descent of Twitter

Dawn Huczek/Creative Commons 2·0 This Tweet was probably half in jest: Twitter 2009. I like apples.I like pears.That’s cool.Yeah. Twitter 2018. I like apples.So you’re anti pears then.No, I just prefer apples.So you hate pears.I never said that.Fucking pear hater.I don’t hate pears!Yes you do. You make me sick. Scum. — Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) September 13, […]

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It’s still wise to bet against Facebook

A non-peer-reviewed academic article from Princeton predicts Facebook will be toast by ’17, and Facebook has very cleverly responded using similar methodology to say that Princeton will have no students by 2021. The lack of review on the former left it wide open for the Facebook attack.    However, it’s not unwise betting against Facebook. […]

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