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Spot the difference The Blogger blog (top) and this Wordpress one (above).
It took quite a bit of time redoing the template for Wordpress, but I think we are there.
   There are some differences between this and the Blogger blog, but if there are any issues, please let me know in the comments. And there’s still some tweaking that needs to be done with the headers, meta tags and categories.
   And if anyone knows how to get mouseovers working in PHP, please let me know. The menu bar above is a tad less animated than it used to be.
   I won’t switch over the feeds at Feedburner and Twitterfeed just yet till I get into the swing of things.
   Interestingly, last week was the record week for this blog’s traffic—ironical since I’ve opted to start afresh on Wordpress. I had planned to do some “best of” posts based on what were the top posts in Feedburner, only to discover that most were done in the last six months.
   I know it’s the middle of summer and we’re watching re-runs on TV, but it doesn’t seem right to fish out posts that were that recent. So, I’ll build this blog the old-fashioned way, and switch the feeds over when I have something interesting to post.
   And happy 2010! It’s nice to start blogging at a new place.

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3 thoughts on “Now on Wordpress

  1. Nice Job, Jack.

    The only small thing I found is the December archive button for the WP blog isn’t showing an archive, it gives a 403 not found. Nice smooth move over though.

  2. Hi Pete: thank you, and well spotted. The problem is that Blogger generated a directory called 2009/12 for its posts, which reside on the server. Consequently it made that directory inaccessible. WordPress tries to generate a file by the same name for the archive and the server runs into a conflict with that when trying to serve the page.
       I might remove the December posts (there is only one real one, anyway) and put that last one on to the old blog, once this front page fills up.
       I’m glad I didn’t import the posts, though. There are some naming differences between Blogger and WordPress. I’m sure the import tools would have been able to get around it, but I’ve hard-linked some of the old blog’s filenames and I know there won’t be any conflict now.

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