Vox cars’ group crosses 100

Even though I am no longer blogging on Vox, I have some good news there: the cars’ group that I founded got its 100th member today.
   It’s actually the third time we’ve crossed 100, but on those previous occasions, it was sploggers that got us over that number. And each time I’ve had to go and delete those folks from the group, taking our total down.
   While there are still some questionable accounts among that 100, none of them have the usual signs of joining multiple groups (probably by way of a script). None have come and posted spam into the group, either (which is immediately deleted, though at least one of our members had to learn the hard way).
   Vox might be technologically flawed, especially with Six Apart’s lack of attention, but I have a responsibility to these groups, some of which I set up. In fact, one of the reasons this cars’ group exists is that the former one, called Cars Rock!, was overrun by spammers after its creator and moderator left. (In fact, one member there is called Splogger.) I’d hate to be the guy who let the side down, though I can foresee a day when I’d get so frustrated with the spam that I might have to (at left are the most common keywords among the Vox groups—looks like splog city to me).
   I’ll leave the proper way, mind: I’d hand over to a new moderator, then walk away. I don’t think I’d let the group die as so many others on Vox have.

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2 thoughts on “Vox cars’ group crosses 100

  1. “I don’t think I’d let the group die as so many others on Vox have.”

    Aye, it’s sad to see them die and then be infested with magg… erm, I mean, sploggers.

  2. It is sad. I wish Six Apart would replace its CAPTCHA procedure. I was having a good chat to Patricia on her blog—there are a few comments referencing our troubles on Vox there. I had no idea that she could not view comments on her own blog while logged in, which is a ridiculous state of affairs. She had to log out, read the comments, then log back in to reply.
       Vox needs to admit that a few of our accounts became corrupted, maybe delete what is it about them that is corrupt, and let us carry on. It suffers no liability since it is still (according to its terms and conditions) in beta. It chose not to, while allowing the sploggers to do as they please, and that’s not good.

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