Wellington’s most dangerous intersection (in fiction)

While chatting about the movie Shaker Run with one of our Lucire team (who was not born when the film was made), I noticed that the intersection at Courtenay Place–Taranaki Street–Dixon Street was rather treacherous in 1980s’ fiction (start at 1’56”):

   Fast forward to 1986 and the Hong Kong film 最佳拍檔千里救差婆 (marketed as Aces Go Places IV). Watch from 28″ on:

   When I still had a blog on Vox, I noted that the car chase in this film played extreme liberties with New Zealand geography: you turn from the Auckland Harbour Bridge on to Willis Street, Wellington; and fly in a Holden Torana from a Viaduct rooftop, leaving the Lombard car park in Wellington, and landing in a Ford Cortina on a soundstage in Hong Kong.

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3 thoughts on “Wellington’s most dangerous intersection (in fiction)

  1. oh, that’s a NZ road on top all right – windy, no rails, up a hill – lol! – just like the Rimutakas (where there might as well not BE a railing, for what they’ve got up there!)

  2. Robin, I loved Shaker Run as a kid but, like a lot of those 1980s movies, it seems quite corny now. Natasha: it is the Rimutaka Hill Road!

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