Slowly but surely, Autocade gets to 1,250 models

Autocade hit 1,250 models today, with a car that’s slightly unusual to non-antipodean eyes:

Image:1984_Ford_LTD_(FE).jpgFord LTD (FE). 1984–8 (prod. unknown). 4-door sedan. F/R, 4089 cm³ (6 cyl. OHV). First LTD series with no V8s, with EFI six as standard, delivering 120 kW. Alloy head as with Falcon; electronic engine management, called EEC IV, delivering more low-end power. Three-speed automatic only. Almost identical to Fairlane in appearance, distinguished by flush-look alloy wheels, vertical bars on grille, bonnet ornament and body-coloured door mirrors; interior shared with Fairmont Ghia and Fairlane, with then-trendy LED instruments. Mid-term revisions 1986.

   Because of my mayoral campaign and just general busy-ness, it’s taken longer to get to 1,250. Looking back through a quick search, these milestones were noted in my blog posts:

March 2008: launch
July 2008: 500
November 2008: 600
June 2009: 800
December 2009: 1,000
June 2010: 1,100
July 2010: 1,200
January 2011: 1,250

That means the first 500 took four months, but the next 500 took 17 months. It’s taken just over 12 months to get another 250 into the database—if this rate holds, which it might not, it’ll take another year or so to hit 1,500.
   I’m going to continue building the site as one of my no-brainer activities. The next milestone to report is 1,500, which might take some time. Over the last year, I thought that if I ever did a Ph.D., it would be on brands and product life cycles and this site would form my research.

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