Facebook removes my Limited Profile option

Those who know me know that I tend to break most websites.
   I’m the guy with a Blogger account where Google has held on to the data of one blog against its terms and conditions, but can’t tell me which blog it is. In fact, Google tells me that it’s one of Errol Saldanha’s blogs—on which I’m not an author. Either they’re BSing me, or they don’t know. After I told them they were wrong, they gave up investigating. They’re not very good at handling criticism.
   I’m the guy who doesn’t have a Google Buzz account or a Gmail, but, to this day, has seven followers whom Google won’t identify to me as part of its “transparent” Dashboard.

Google Buzz

   I’m the guy who (maybe until this week—I have yet to start a new service ticket, but I have heard back) could not follow up tickets on the Telstra Clear Right Now customer support service because of a corrupted profile.
   I’m the guy who had to wait two days for a compose screen to show up on the old Vox.com—and argued with them for weeks till they discovered that, if signed in as me at Six Apart HQ in San Francisco, that they could not get it up, either. It was never fixed, and they eventually found it easier to close Vox.com down than deal with all of its failures.
   And now, I’m the guy with no Limited Profile option in Facebook, despite having had it since the day I joined in April 2007.
   At first I thought it was a system-wide malfunction brought along by Timeline being opened up to Kiwis, although I’ve had Timeline since September 25.
   But after checking at a party tonight, others who use Limited Profile still have it.
   Among a group of my friends, it’s just me. Nice one, Facebook.
   Limited Profile cannot be selected as a friends’ list from the status update window and it no longer appears in any of the previous posts. I can type it, but the option either never appears, or it appears for a split-second before disappearing.

Facebook: no Limited Profile

It cannot be seen on the page of a friend who is on that list.

Facebook: no Limited Profile

   The list still exists, and the privacy settings are preserved when “viewing as” that person, but I can no longer do anything with it.
   Should it show up—say after a language change—Facebook will not let me save my new settings. The following window will not go away unless I cancel it:

Facebook: no Limited Profile

   Odds of it being fixed? Somehow, I doubt Facebook is going to listen to one guy out of 900 million—even though I’m sure the problems can be traced to one of its coding problems.
   I’m blogging about it in the hope that someone else has this same issue. If you do, add your voice to Get Satisfaction.
   But remember, if they can’t keep the boss’s own private photos from being seen and saved by the public—in a security hole that was there for weeks which they ignored till Mark Zuckerberg was affected—what hope do the rest of us have?

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