Just another Christmas for a staff nurse

My late mother was a nurse. Before she was a midwife at Wellington Women’s Hospital, she was a staff nurse in wards 21 and 26 at Wellington Hospital.
   From what I remember, ward 21 was first, which meant she was working there some time between 1976 and 1978. This is a letter that she received from a Sheila Mahony. When I first blogged, I assumed it was from a patient, but a quick search suggests that there was a Sheila Mahony who was a supervisor there. I don’t know the story behind this, but between the lines you can work out that the kindness expressed here is typical of nurses. The letter is dated December 23, so this was likely in response to a gesture Mum made in the spirit of Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “Just another Christmas for a staff nurse

  1. Beautiful! Both your Mom and Mrs. Mahony were blessed to know each other and share a moment where they probably never met again.

  2. Thank you, Karen! It’s nice to see you here again. I hope you caught my post earlier about Wired doing a story on Facebook’s BS. Since then, they have mostly stopped forcing downloads on innocent people (though I have heard of one incident since).

  3. Hey there. Shelia was my Aunt. Lovely to see her beautiful handwriting again. She was a wonderful woman and we miss her dearly. She was obviously thrilled with your mother’s gift.

  4. Jenny, thank you for your lovely comment and what a pleasure to hear from you. It seems taking the time to write courteous responses runs in your family. Your aunt definitely comes across in her letter as a very gracious woman.

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