New Zealand Chinese Language Week: a podcast entry

As we come to the conclusion of New Zealand Chinese Language Week, a review about how inappropriate it was by being the very opposite of inclusive, for those who’d prefer to sit back and listen rather than read one of my blog posts.


You’ll likely catch me on RNZ’s The Detail on Friday, September 30 (PS.: uploaded this morning here). The AM Show changed its mind, so you won’t see me ‘come home to the feeling’ on TV3.

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2 thoughts on “New Zealand Chinese Language Week: a podcast entry

  1. Kia Ora, Jack,

    It is so nice to meet you here and is so lovely to hear your voice for the first time. It is an amazing talk. I just got your website and your introduction on Wikipedia this morning after reading the news on RNZ:

    After reading your recent message and listening your talk, I just can’t wait to write to you, as I think I am in exactly the same category of you and Chris Tse (I know his name for the first time in this morning as well).

    I came from Canton to Hamilton and Invercargill to study in 2014-2016. Then, I went back to Canton until three months ago when I and my family moved to Christchurch. I even hope I can go up to Wellington to meet you during this school holiday after reading and listening your exciting thoughts this morning! Maybe we can say: 英雄所見略同!

    My phone/Whatsapp number is: [redacted] and I would like to talk to you more and more! Cheers!

    Anson Chiu

  2. Hi Anson, it would be great to meet you! Let me email you (and I think I had better edit your phone number out of the blog as comments are public!).

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