2 thoughts on “Can’t connect to Wellywifi? You’re not the only one

  1. This is a wacky issue. I find myself completely unable to get the splash page redirect to occur on my Ubuntu 23.10 machine. On my Android phone it works first time.

    I can resolve https://na.network-auth.com/splash on the Linux machine, and I can connect to it, but it just produces a 404 from Nginx. Presumably it’s expecting some specific headers, or TLS SNI from some other name or something.

    Cisco Meraki has zero end-user support info and guidance for this AFAICS. And little in the way of documentation.

  2. Thank you, Craig, for stopping by with your troubleshooting. So good to know it’s not just me. My issue is with my Windows laptop, which is even more bizarre. I can’t think of what I might be missing since I’ve even tried Edge—about as dull a browser as you can get.

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