Lucire unplugs from OnlyKlans, and we find more Wikiality

Lucire Wikipedia page
I guess whomever wrote this in Wikipedia is being helpful, but the second pronunciation shown is not how you pronounce Lucire. It may be how you pronounce lucire, the quaint Romanian word, in Romanian, but it’s not the pronunciation of the magazine’s name.

Maybe the Lucire Romania crew adopted this pronunciation when dealing with their local clients, but whenever I talked to them, it was always with the first, official pronunciation. I wasn’t present at one of the big issue-launch parties so maybe they used it? I have to wonder what the Wikipedia policy is.

The only alternative pronunciation that I authorized was Lucire as said in French, originally due to our presence at Montréal Fashion Week. The Italian press was quite rowdy and we couldn’t be seen to be one of them, so I OKed the Francophied version.
Yesterday I switched off, in, the automated posting from the Lucire RSS to OnlyKlans (or what everyone calls Twitter and what Elon Musk calls X). I explain more in an op–ed in Lucire’s web edition.

It really stemmed from seeing the two brands together on the first page of a Google search. Google rates OnlyKlans presences rather highly. We’re not fascists nor do we pal around with them, so it was time to stop feeding the cretinous beast that is OnlyKlans.

I think I switched off this blog’s feed on OnlyKlans as well.

Need another reason? Starting late September, they’ll use your content for “AI”. Remember, every user granted them a perpetual licence to use whatever was written or uploaded. They’re also going to start collecting more biometric data.

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